Duties and Authority

Head of Institute of BIPA

  1. Leading the organization and coordinate the functions and duties of BIPA Institutions both internally and externally.
  2. Plan and lead the implementation of BIPA institution programs.
  3. Coordinate.
  4. Responsible for all activities undertaken, both routine activities and program activities.
  5. Reporting activities of the organization and accountability annually to the Chairperson through Vice Chairman I.


  1. Planning for teaching activities.
  2. Developing teaching materials.
  3. Carry out trainings, workshops, seminars, certifications, or other similar activities for educators.
  4. Promoting BIPA program at STMIK IKMI.
  5. Report and be accountable for the implementation of the program to the Chairman of the Institute of BIPA each end of the activity or program.


  1. Implementing learning.
  2. Counseling.
  3. Evaluate learning.
  4. Report the learning outcomes to the Chairman of the BIPA Institute at the end of each semester.