Twin or double degree program is the implementation of inter-college activities both domestically and through cooperation between universities in the country with universities abroad, to carry out a joint study program and mutual recognition of graduates. So the graduates of this program will get a double degree and have the plus capability of other regular programs. The implementation of double degree program in a study program is an early stage and a strategic step from a university to achieve World Class University (WCU). In addition, this program is one of the strategies to improve the quality of higher education in Indonesia.

Double degree program in principle is intended to stimulate the improvement of the quality of higher education institutions in Indonesia, both in terms of faculty (faculty), students and Kemdiknas in general. The double degree master program is held for 4 semesters. Students are required to follow the lectures of semesters I and II at the local universities and then the lecture / research activities and final project completion in the third and fourth semesters are held at partner universities abroad for a maximum of 12 months. After completion of the learning process at both universities, the students will receive the diploma.